Genius Of P2W Work Authorisation Software


Unprecedented control
of human unpredictability

P2W Permit to Work Software for Work Authorisation

Modern day pressures on time and money increase the likelihood of selective compliance, which is why GEMsoft7 developed P2W. Our unique electronic Permissioning engine ensures your Work Authorisation and Permit to Work processes not only comply with the legislation and regulations relevant to your sector but it also protects your people, assets and corporate reputations – in fact, everyone who has a reason to touch your business!
To do this, GEMsoft7 has developed P2W as a framework on which you can run your Work Authorisation, Permit to Work or ISSOW (Permit, Isolation and Risk Management) processes. In doing so, P2W helps you meet the requirements of UK and international Health & Safety directives and quality standards such as HS@W’74/’79; ACOP’s; MHS@W’99; ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001.
The benefits of deploying P2W are compelling! Click on the topics right to learn more.

A common misconception is that implementing more controls will bring more delays or make existing processes more protracted. Quite the contrary, moving to P2W, will bring big improvements to your operational efficiency immediately. You’ll find it invokes disciplines which smooth your working day, by anticipating operating issues and seeking approvals ahead of time, giving you peace of mind and time to consider wider operational issues.
P2W gives you complete visibility of all work across your organisation, including who is undertaking it, why, where, when and how. In fact, such is the quality of P2W’s data that you will find it easy to manage risk alongside your contractor relationships. And, with accurate and auditable reporting systems to underpin your Duty of Care, you’ll feel confident in your decision-making, in your compliance and in your sense of control. Pure genius!
Getting P2W up and running just couldn’t be simpler. Our Consultants will map your processes onto your own, personalised, version of P2W and arrange tutorials for your identified personnel.

A typical deployment takes a couple of weeks from start to finish but your staff will be fully P2W literate within hours of being exposed to the system. P2W makes this possible because all the processes your people will manage in the future are, largely, the ones they have used in the past. But, now they will be presented and executed in a more considered, structured and disciplined way.

So, your system will not only look familiar from day one, it will feel intuitive too! Imagine, all your previous paperwork and associated processes now neatly consolidated onto just two computer screen pages, with all the prompts and safeguards your business needs to keep you in control? If it wasn’t so important, you might say working with P2W was “child’s play!”

GEMsoft7 believes in lifetime relationships but ones that don’t lock you into a lifetime of unpredictable expenses. This is why we offer P2W on a site-by-site, perpetual licence basis, which together with a number of hosted options, provides you with the freedom to make the decisions which work best for your business and your cash flow.

Altogether, P2W is a more flexible and cost effective approach than that taken by other software vendors and because it is the only truly configurable Work Authorisation and Permit to Work Software System, you can manage its continuing evolution at a rate consistent with the changing demands of your company’s development.